iPhone Volume and Touchpad Sensitivity

I brought home a brand new iPhone on Thursday April the 24th. Since then I’ve had a few problems with it, but so far the benefits of the phone outweigh the experiences I’ve had while learning to use it.

Problem: I called John and he sounded as quiet as a mouse in a tin can even though I had the volume turned up. I also had to warm up my fingers by breathing on them each time I pressed the touchscreen. This made me feel like a person with very cold finger tips who has impaired hearing. The man at the AT&T kiosk could not solve this problem.

Solution: I was able to improve the volume and sensitivity of the touchscreen dramatically when I simply removed the plastic cover/sticker from the touchscreen. (yes, the plastic peel off protector that comes when you first buy the phone)

I’ve noticed this blog post is the most popular post on my blog.  Your comments are welcome…


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