Turning Ideas into Apps

Todd Moore’s 2012 book Tap, Move, Shake Turning Your Game Ideas into iPhone & iPad Apps is a great book if you want to build an App for Apple devices. Here are some of the steps that are detailed in this book:

  1. Register as an App Developer at
  2. Download Xcode
  3. Register your Apple devices for development and simulation
  4. Code in Objective-C
  5. Create UI .xib “nib” with interface builder
  6. Use best sound and graphics
  7. Check US Patent website and name App
  8. Submit App to for Apple iTunes distribution
  9. Market and Sell the App


The author shares the code and all of the details to explain how to build a game (in this case- pong) App. In the end of the book, he even shares many of the rejection letters he received from Apple. This book is a handy companion for any new App developer.

For more on Apple App Development see:


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