About Ellen Smith

“I design technology for people.”

Ellen Smith

Since graduating from University of California, San Diego, I’ve been designing and developing software in the fields of business intelligence, realtime embedded systems, e-commerce, digital mapping and artificial intelligence. I’m proud to be a student of Dr. Donald Norman, a pioneer and leader in the field of Human-Centered Design. I’ve always leveraged the power of knowing the user, prototyping early and designing for usability in my projects.

Call me to discuss your project: 858-735-6186

My Portfolio: http://www.ellensinsite.com/

My Linked In Page: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ellensmith



5 thoughts on “About Ellen Smith

  1. 4wdesign4u

    hi Ellen
    you and I started our blogs around the same time. it’s fun! your daughter’s adorable.

    the other ellen….


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