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Marketing -Just For Fun

Realtime Microsystems Screenshot

Engineers at Realtime Microsystems in San Diego recently moved into a new office. Although this small consultant firm has kept busy over the years without marketing, I created a new website for them just for fun to celebrate the new office.

Does the world need another single page, mobile friendly website with gratuitious animation? Check out and decide for yourself.

Designing Future Healthcare

Dr. Eric Topol, just came out with the book- “The Patient Will See You Now: The Future of Medicine is in Your Hands”. If you are interested in how healthcare is changing (for better or worse) in the coming years this book is a must read.

PatientBookThe Patient Will See You Now  empowers its’ readers to take charge and improve their own health, and is chock full references and specific examples of how medicine is affected by technology.  There are amazing tech advances that are lowering healthcare costs and making procedures much better and less invasive.

Dr. Topol explains why the stethoscope should be replaced by a smartphone, and the benefits of knowing your own personalized GIS. Smartphones can capture blood pressure, heart rhythm, respiratory rate, oxygen concentration, galvanic skin response, body temperature, eye pressure, blood glucose, brain waves, intracranial pressure, muscle movements and much more.  Smart phones can be enabled to diagnose certain cancers through patient’s breath. Nano chips, pocket devices for ultrasound and x-rays (cheaper and less radiation), genome sequencing (cheaper and better too)…

It explains topics like “Open Access” in Medicine. Open Access medicine speeds up finding cures and courses of treatment, lowers costs, and improves patient treatment and outcomes.

For all the benefits listed, the book also delves into the problems (and some solutions) associated with each new technology such as privacy problems associated with “Open Access” Medicine.

This book brings up a treasure trove of problems that will need to be solved in order to make the tech work best for people.

Animating for Impact

Read Rachel Nebor’s Article “Web Animation at Work” if you’d like to see ways animation indicates:

  • Causality
  • Feedback
  • Relationships
  • Progression
  • Physics
  • Transition

Be sure to follow Rachel’s hyperlinks. Even her 404 is entertaining.

Olivia Huynh has created some animation that is outstanding. BorrowedLight Compelling stories and great sounds and music really make her animation shine.