Benefits of User Experience Design

User Experience Design benefits initial product development. User research and testing uncovers problems early on in the development life cycle. It’s much easier to make changes to design before coding begins. By spending necessary time on user research, companies commonly shorten the design and costly implementation phases and lower the overall development cost. User experience research can also serve to select the right problem to solve.


User Experience Design benefits product maintenance & support. Users of a well designed product make fewer calls to customer support. If the software supports the user’s conceptual model of tasks, is designed for 508 accessibility, and allows user customization there will be fewer change orders and, when there are changes, they will be much easier to implement. The organization that maintains the software will save time and decrease maintenance expenses.


User Experience Design benefits business. Designers take business goals into account. Employing the UX designer as leader at all stages of the business process increases profitability and enhances the brand. It is important not to focus solely on the user. This is one reason why User Experience Design (UX Design) is often simply called Experience Design (XD).


User Experience Design benefits the products users. Great design creates effective products that provide great user experiences. When the user’s goals are kept in mind during design, they can complete their tasks faster, with more ease, and sometimes even joyfully. Organizations that use these products benefit by having more productive, and less frustrated, employees. Companies that sell products with great user experience, like Apple, have increased profits and benefit from strong customer loyalty. They also have less products being returned due to customer dissatisfaction.

It has been shown time and time again that the products and tools with the best user experience beat out competing tools that are superior in other ways. The Nintendo Wii and Apple iPhone are two great examples of this.

In these days of shrinking budgets and increased competition, an organization must build and use products and services that provide the best user experience.

If you create a great user experience, the benefits are unlimited.


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