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Thinking about Thumbs

Luke Wroblewski tweeted 3 links about Designing for the thumb:

1. Designing for Thumb Flow  features video that shows how you use polar with one thumb.

2. Scott Hurff explains how the “thumb hook” gesture used often in Facebook’s new Paper app might drive the sale of arthritis medication in a few years. He then shares a Thumb Zone template to use when designing for the most comfortable area for one handed touch.

Thumb Zone

3. Michael Oh demonstrated the Vice Versa UI pattern that bisects the screen diagonally and allows for a more natural thumb motion. This works best for two choices that are the opposite of each other.

Don Norman Signing Books

Designing Everyday Things

Don Norman gave a great talk and signed his book  at the Los Angeles User Experience (LAUX) meeting, November 2013.

NEW VIDEO – Donald Norman: The Design of Everyday Things in the 21st Century, Nov. 15, 7PM, Santa Monica, @jnd1er from on Vimeo.

To get to the part where Don begins to speak, jump to 10:03 on the video timeline. At 20:26, Don talk’s about the User Centered System Design (UCSD) book. Don is holding my copy of his book! He signed it for me before his talk.

Don Norman is an entertaining and inspiring speaker. I was Dr. Norman’s student at UCSD and I used his advice and read his books throughout my career. His messages have gotten even better with age and experience. At the end of the meeting I had the honor of having Don show me the Uber app to call a ride to the airport. It was fun to watch the “black car” move along on the map on Don’s cell phone and then appear in front of us in real life.

Don Norman Signing Books

Don Norman signing Ellen’s giant stack of books

Designing with Agile

I’ve recently been making plans to work with a team of agile software developers. Here’s a great 10 minute video, by Hamid Shojaee that reviews the key points of the scrum implementation of agile and explains things like the product backlog, sprints and burn down charts: 

Here’s another video that is opinionated, redundant and too slowly paced, but still quite effective in converting team members to agile: 

Last but not least, here’s a great slide presentation, by Anders Ramsay that shows how user experience designers can fit into the agile software development framework: Anders Ramsay’s Designing with Agile Workshop Slides

Rugby Game

What works best for your team? Do you use any off-the-shelf agile software tools? Please comment.