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Prototyping for Parent Connection


After launching their new website http://www.sandiegoparent.com the Parent Connection needed an easy way for new members to find them.  Before sandiegoparent.com, the Parent Connections only web presence was through Scripps.org.

I was asked to help create sketches that would be used to propose a better way for the Scripps website to link to the Parent Connections site.


The approach was threefold:.

  1. Interview stakeholders to clarify objective and tasks
  2. Create a prototype
  3. Make Recommendations


Goals were agreed upon and stated clearly.  Parent Connection tasks were listed and categorized.  A quick drawing of changes to the existing page was created with Adobe Fireworks.

Scripps Portal Page

Scripps Portal Page

This screen shot could be marked up and used by the Parent Connection officers to communicate and visualize what they would like their page to look like on the Scripps site.

Recommendations were made regarding the use of a professional copywriter, specific content and links that could be added to the introduction.   Specific suggestions for the sandiegoparent.com site were also given.